Please Read Before Contacting Us

While we love trashy romance novels, economics textbooks from college and old cookbooks as much as the next book lover, here are some types of books we don't buy.

To ensure that you receive the top dollar for your book collections as promptly as possible, please double-check your books against this list. We generally will not purchase books in the following categories and would hate to disappoint you.

Blue Sky Rare Books specializes in the purchase and removal of large collections. The collections we purchase generally take up an entire wall of space, often multiple walls in a home or office. We mostly buy large collections (typically 200 or more books) from long-time collectors and their families.

By far the easiest way for us to assess your books is for you to take a few quality pictures of the collection on shelving and to send them to us here

We do not buy:

  • Cookbook collections, encyclopedias, textbooks, romance paperbacks (even if you have thousands of them), book-of-the-month club collections, piles of old newspapers or popular magazines. 
  • Books that have been water-damaged or badly soiled. Books with mold on them are almost never purchased because mold spreads to other books very easily. If the books look grubby or abused, they are probably not of any value.
  • A box of books that sat in the garage for twenty years is probably best sold at a garage sale or donated to charity. 

If you have a large collection of books that are in boxes, please empty a few boxes, line them up, and provide photographs (send them to

This will give us at least a little sense of what sort of collection is involved. If you know specifics about a collection that is in boxes, please provide that information. Again, boxes that just piled up in the garage are rarely of great value.

Not sure if your collection is something we would buy?

Call us at +1-760-904-4091.